November 2018:

  • Ben was featured on the Inscopix blog!

Saunders lab is headed to the Society for Neuroscience meeting in San Diego Nov 3rd-7th. We are recruiting for 2019, please get in touch if you are interested!

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October 2018:

  • The lab-boo-tory is ready for Halloween

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September 2018:

  • Dr. Anne Collins has started in the lab as a postdoctoral fellow!

August 2018:

  • The lab's primary behavior equipment has arrived! So many boxes!


July 2018:

  • New research published in Nature Neuroscience!!

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Screenshot 2018-07-23 10.16.09.png
Screenshot 2018-07-26 14.01.29.png
Screenshot 2018-07-23 10.16.23.png

June 2018:

  • Dr. Amy Wolff has started in the lab. Welcome Amy!

  • We are open for business!

 One of our lab benches with some initial equipment and supply purchases. Lots more to buy!

One of our lab benches with some initial equipment and supply purchases. Lots more to buy!

April 2018:

  • Saunders lab is growing! We have hired two outstanding scientists to join the team later this summer. Dr. Amy Wolff, currently a postdoctoral scientist in the Brain Network Dynamics Unit at Oxford University, will be joining the lab as a Staff Scientist, starting in July. Anne Collins, currently a PhD student at UCLA in the lab of Kate Wassum, will be joining the lab as a postdoctoral fellow in late summer. More details to come!

December 2017:

  • Dr. Saunders is attending the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology conference in Palm Springs Dec 3-7th, where he will present a poster. Anyone attending the meeting who is interested in the lab, please get in touch!

November 2017:

  • Come see us at the Society for Neuroscience meeting in Washington, D.C.! Dr. Saunders will be presenting a poster (QQ12) Tuesday morning on recent work investigating the motivational functions of cue-evoked dopamine neuron signals (as well as a little SaundersLab preview). Anyone interested in joining the lab, please email to set up a meeting!

October 2017:

  • Ben contributed to Volume 2 of Interstellate, a magazine of neuroscience-related imagery and art curated by Caitlin Vander Weele at MIT.

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  • Renovations on the future lab space are underway and there is great progress! Soon it will be all shiny and new and ready for the science to begin!


September 2017:

  • New preprint on functional heterogeneity in dopamine circuits in Pavlovian conditioned motivation from Ben Saunders, with co-authors Jocelyn Richard, Elyssa Margolis, and Patricia Janak.

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